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Body doubles, dead bodies, and hot bodies abound…Wait, what? From The Wall Street Journal bestselling author, Larissa Reinhart, the 2018 Silver Falchion Best Cozy Mystery finalist and Reader's Choice Award finalist, the second in the snappy, sassy, and sexy Maizie Albright Star Detective series."Fresh from Hollywood get ready to bubble along with Maizie Albright Star Detective. She's #adorbs." — Jena's Books

#StillAWannabeDetective In continuing her career-makeover quest as a for-real detective, ex-teen and reality star Maizie Albright has a big learning curve to overcome. A sleuthing background starring in a TV show— Julia Pinkerton, Teen Detective—does not cut the real life mustard. It doesn't even buy her lunch, let alone extra condiments. Her chosen mentor, Wyatt Nash of Nash Security Solutions, is not a willing teacher. He'd rather stick Maizie with a safe desk job and handle the security solution-ing himself. But Maizie's got other plans to help Nash. First, win Nash's trust. Second, his heart. 

Wait, not his heart. His respect. His hearty respect. 

So when a major movie producer needs a babysitter for his hot mess starlet, Maizie eagerly takes the job. But when her starlet appears dead and then not dead, Maizie's got more than an actress to watch and a missing corpse to find. Body doubles, dead bodies, and hot bodies abound when the big screen, small screen, and silent screams collide. Maizie's on the job, on the skids, and on thin ice, hunting a killer who may be a celebrity stalker. And Maizie just might be the next celebrity who gets snuffed.

"Another fun outing for Maizie Albright, former child star. Larissa Reinhart always brings humor and grit to her mysteries." — Terri L. Austin, author of the Rose Strickland Mysteries and the Null for Hire series.

"The author so brilliantly creates an environment where Harvey Weinstein-like behavior could exist, and demonstrates how actresses must walk a delicate line in order to stay employed and still not be victimized. I love seeing Maizie grow as a character, and I absolutely adore the behind-the-scenes glimpses into celebrity culture. Maizie's missteps make each of her successes an absolute joy, and I encourage readers to delve into this lively, funny, and genuinely satisfying series." — Cynthia Chow, Kings River Life Magazine

"How timely is this novel with all the disturbing news coming out of Hollywood! A mixture of adventure, mystery, and romcom. So like Hollywood,  you'll never figure out what is real and what is make-believe until you reach the end." — Laura's Interests

"With visually descriptive narrative, humorous quips, witty repartee and a quirky cast of characters, this was a such a fun book to read." — Dru Ann Love, Dru's Book Musing

"I really enjoy this series. Part romcom, part murder mystery, they are the perfect weekend read." — Jenna, Girl With Book Lungs

"The author has a flair for writing witty dialogue, whacky antics, and quirky characters. She does it well and keeps her readers intrigued throughout the story." —-Socrates Book Review

Maizie Albright Star Detective Series:






18 CALIBER (2020)

Mysteries & Thrillers
October 17
Past Perfect Press
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LGHudson ,


Maizie Albright has left stardom and returned to her hometown of Black Pine, GA – not exactly by her choice. She’s seizing the moment and trying her best to become a Private Investigator being employed and trained by Wyatt Nash. The biggest case involves all manner of people from her past – even her mother/manager. With all those Hollywood egos involved, there’s plenty mischief, mayhem & murder for Maizie to search through the clues. Reinhart’s characters are wonderfully entertaining! Maizie is so full of spunk and she is going to get her man ... or woman ... or all of the people involved!

rokinrev ,

Another fantastic Shot

(I received an advanced copy of this book and am voluntarily reviewing it)

“Familiarity breeds contempt. So does questionable morality and murder.”

Won’t anyone stop thinking of Mazie Albright as Julia Pinkerton, the teenaged Star? Well, it might help if Mazie stopped channeling her. In this, the second of Rheinhart’s new series about the PI in training, Mazie and Wyatt Nash take on a film crew setting up in Black Pines that hire them to “babysit” a former co-star of Mazie’s from her TV show days. And even she’s impressed because the former sidekick has a shot at a real career if she can stay “ clean and sober” for the run of the film schedule.

A convoluted soap opera of “ he said, she said” leads to a crazy whodunnit and why as Mazie just keeps ahead of her probation officer and the police in a story that will keep you guessing who the mastermind actually is and why the whole dang thing got so convoluted in the first place.

Larissa Rheinhart has returned to Black Pines in full on mystery form as her characters try to keep on track figuring out who, what, when,where and exactly how you hide a gun under spandex. The story will keep you riveted , the writing will keep you laughing and the energy between the characters will keep you coming back for more. Highly entertaining and recommended.

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