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In this new edition of the #1 bestseller The 17 Day Diet, Dr. Mike Moreno includes new chapters on supplements and exercise and more than 30 new recipes to help you achieve results fast and effectively.

Dr. Moreno’s phenomenal bestseller The 17 Day Diet helps you shed pounds fast in a safe, effective, and lasting way. Structured around four simple steps, his proven method adjusts your body’s metabolism so you burn fat every day. Now, Dr. Moreno takes the plan to a whole new level. This revised edition incorporates the most up-to-date scientific and medical tools to help you achieve rapid weight loss with even greater effectiveness.

Unlike many diets that starve you down to size, Dr. Moreno’s structured plan changes your calorie count and the foods you eat every 17 days. The variation keeps your metabolism guessing so that you burn fat every day. The program is structured around four 17-day cycles: Accelerate, which helps flush sugar and fat storage out of your system; Activate, when you’ll jumpstart your metabolism; Achieve, a phase that involves learning portion control; and Arrive, which combines the first three cycles and helps you maintain your new, healthy habits. Two new chapters explain all you need to know about supplements that can change your metabolism and a 17-minute exercise routine targeting specific areas of the body.

With new information, more original recipes, and inspiring testimonials, this edition is destined to secure The 17 Day Diet’s position as a runaway bestseller!

December 31
Simon & Schuster

Customer Reviews

Mscissors ,


This book makes sense and has a flow to it. If you want to make it "easier" and honestly eat horrible I would go backwards with it. Starting the 3rd phase then 2nd then, 1st so your slowly cutting out the red meats and carbs etc. instead
Of adding them in every 17 days :) love that it's simple menu

jendjen ,

Day 12 Cycle 1 (will update)

Day 12 of cycle 1 and I'm down 10 lbs, even though I have been ill. I haven't worked out each day and I have been taking medicine including cough syrup for most of that time. I have stuck to the eating plan, though.

Plan is so easy to do. I got the app too. In three months of trying to lose weight, this is the best time I have had. I have counted calories, gone super low carb, average low carb and had meals delivered. The 17 day first is a sustainable plan.

ThaHousewife ,

I’ve lost 100 pounds in 16 months!!

This book is awesome. This diet/lifestyle has changed my life. Thank you Dr Mike Moreno!!!! 🙌🏻

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