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For many, the road to law school success seems blocked by obstacles and filled with potholes. But learning the law and getting good grades on your law school exams is really not that difficult.

You just need someone to show you the way.

The 1L Success Guide was written by someone who graduated #1 in his law school class. He shares the methods by which he learned the law and aced his law school exams, earning 9 high-paper awards in the process.

If you want to understand how to succeed in law school and get the high grades you will need to land top jobs, read this book.


From the Introduction:

Why must law school feel like Special Forces hazing? By the end of the first semester, you are totally beaten down mentally and physically, and then they throw the exams at you.

And, by the way, who is hiding the keys to the kingdom? Why does it feel like there is a secretive law school society that refuses to impart to you the method for actually succeeding?

I have one thing to say about all that: It is stupid nonsense.

That is why I wrote this book. It is what I wish I could have read before I started law school.

Inside these pages I will show you how to prepare for and succeed during your first semester of law school, which culminates with those terrifying exams. It actually is not that difficult once you know what to do. I promise.

Although the information in this book is targeted to students in their first semester of law school, this information will be useful to anyone needing some extra figuring out the law school beast. If you had a tough time your first semester and are looking for guidance to help you improve, you will find it in this book.

But first, why should you listen to me?

I remember how scared and disoriented I felt when I took my first set of law school final exams.

My first semester of law school consisted of hours and hours studying, outlining, reviewing, practicing, and memorizing in the hope that I was doing something right. During that semester, I essentially ignored my wife and young child and gained twenty pounds from stress eating and lack of sleep. I went from the relaxed dude with a cool wife and new son, to the stressed out jerk who is always thinking about what needs to get done instead of enjoying life.

It sucked.

Then, after I took those first exams, after those two weeks of hell on earth, I was so shaken that I thought I had failed each and every exam. I could not respond to any of the questions with a solid answer, so I just tried to analyze every issue I saw (or thought I saw). My answers seemed ambiguous and unfinished.

I knew I was screwed.

Once I had completed all my first semester exams, I told my wife as I guzzled a beer how much I hated law school and how I was thinking about dropping out, returning to my prior career, and looking for a teaching position.

Here’s the rub.

When I got my grades for first semester exams, I saw that, contrary to what I believed, I had actually done very well on the tests. In fact, I was ranked first in my class!


I can't guarantee that you will finish first in your class if you read this book, but I can guarantee the book will provide you with an overview of what it takes to do well in law school. Whether you put in the work to achieve great things is up to you.

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