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Transgenderism is one of the biggest social issues of our time. Society has embraced the growing number of transgender people in a way that would have been unimaginable just ten years ago. It has even been described as the next civil rights issue. But there is a dark side to transgenderism which is rarely discussed. From the irreversible damage done to transgender people's bodies, to the loss of women's rights and spaces, there are many problems with the acceptance of transgenderism. Written from a gender critical feminist perspective, it will critically examine the impact of transgenderism on British and American society over the past decade. It will tackle the myths that are widely perpetuated by transgender activists and ask the questions that nobody else dares to ask.

June 8
Katie Roche
Ingram DV LLC

Customer Reviews

jules ~hush hush ,

At first, I thought it was going to be transphobic...

I was obviously incorrect it was just a book answering all the questions I wanted to ask in an un-biased manner. I just came to the conclusions that the LGBTQ+ should be accepted and never harassed or mistreated. However, gender dysmorphia is a mental condition (having the opposite gender’s brain) and we should be trying a bit harder to find a better cure than transitioning since it’s so faulty and has way to many life-threatening risks. As for non-binary genders, after reading this I concluded that gender isn’t linked to personality you can be a man that wears pretty clothes or vice versa. I hope for a future in which everyone can be themselves without having to undergo any stressful procedures such as a change of gender, clinical sex, ID or having the fear of being outed.

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