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2 Dark Mirrors: Desire

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"A superb piece of erotic writing." - 5 Stars, Amazon Review (Full Novel) 

"I couldn't put down this book AT ALL." - 5 Stars, Amazon Review (Full Novel)

He's breaking her.... and it's amazing!

When Lina Hayward-Brooks finally replies to THAT profile, it feels like desperation. The escape she needs from a seemingly perfect life that has no room for her. It has nothing at all to do with the handsome man she sees there, or the words that seem so very (wonderfully!) wrong yet crawl from the page and into her bed to leave her breathless and shaking.  Nope... 

Falling into Patrick's world of rules, embarrassing sessions and long nights of mind-blowing, sensual sex Lina feels herself changing... It's painful, it's wonderful and it's becoming everything to her. As her old life fades and begins to fall apart she has to make a choice, can she give up this man and all that he gives her to make her feel alive?  

Yet she only has one wish... That just once she could see his eyes. 

"Truly, a great literary book I would never forget." - 5 Stars, Amazon Review (Full Novel)  

Deliciously filthy, always respectful and at times poetic, 2 Dark Mirrors it isn't a "typical" erotic story. Written by a Dominant through the eyes of a submissive (Lina), it's based on real-life experiences. In many ways it's a reaction to the many misconceptions and unhealthy tropes within the genre. The author wanted to clearly show the positive side to these relationships no matter how unconventional they may be. It isn't about rules or control, it's the reasons behind them - the blunt honesty and utter trust that many vanilla relationships could learn from. Being a true Master is about giving things that otherwise can't be experienced so that those you care about can find themselves... even if doing this means they are destined to outgrow you. 

When you seek to control others through force or oppression, you can be the true master of no-one, not even yourself.  

"Respectfully awesome. So much to gain from reading this book." - 5 Stars, Amazon Review (Full Novel) 


"Patrick smiled as he watched her, waiting before speaking. "Have you ever seen anything more beautiful?" he asked. 

In the silence after, the awe she'd heard within his voice lingered in the air. Without words and without his commands, there was nothing she needed other than this. She stayed like that a long time, with her head bowed and unmoving until finally she closed her eyes, feeling utterly at peace.

…As he did, simply watching her breathe."

Fiction & Literature
January 31
Ryan P. Cole
Draft2Digital, LLC

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