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I would like to say to all of the wonderful people who will experience the words of this book, never give up on your vision or purpose within. Live each day with the thought of taking one positive step toward accomplishing your goals in life. I believe that those who dream and dare to persist will eventually succeed. This book was started when I was in college in the seventies. After editing and re-editing my ideas, I completed it. But I just left it in the drawer. I would think about it from time to time and forty years later I’ve revised it and now Im publishing it.
Over the last thirty years of my adult life, I realized the importance of documenting the good and the harsh feelings I’ve experienced at pivotal and special moments. As time moves forward, the wealth of my experiences become more numerous and the volume of my written work more varied. During the past twenty years I have sorted through a rainbow of emotions, setting to light a few words of poetic truth.This book reveals the magic of words filtered from the events that shaped my younger world.
“Two Leaves” is poetic verse that typifies the two worlds we live in, the real world of everyday life and the world we perceive within. Most of us will move between both worlds merging into the one that we believe to be real at the moment. “Two Leaves” reveals some of the sobering choices we must make in life to find happiness. It places a mirror in front of our face so that we can see who we really are through the medium of poetry. I hope that you will enjoy reading this emotion-driven poetic feast.

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May 17
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Rickey Washington

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