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I began writing these haiku love poems in the warm spring of 2019, in the old and beautiful city of Bucharest and I finished them in the breezy autumn days, that followed a long and hot summer. I wanted to share along with these haiku poems an underlying message that is not only about romance and romantic love but even more, about the sacred feelings, perceptions and sophisticated moods that love creates, that can be found especially in a soul mate or even deeper, in a twin-flame relationship. These poems are the perfect gift for your girl or your woman partner, as they perfectly embody that spiritual and sweet aspect of love that all women need in their relationships. The book is an ideal companion in the wintertime holidays, when you visit your favorite coffee place and enjoy a hot cup of chocolate, dreaming about romance or your new-found love. Just take this book and immerse in its words. It can be an awesome source of inspiration for your artistic endeavors and also a great mood setter. I recommend reading these poems slowly, taking your time to feel each of them, in contemplative silence or in the company of relaxed piano jazz songs, in the solitude of your home or being at your favorite café. This book is the best companion for you out there that are in love, and it can easily cultivate the inspiration to rekindle the flame of your love, in your relationship. Each of the poems creates a visual message, simply written in the three-line Japanese haiku style, describing beautifully the joy and wonder of the heart while being in love.

January 12
Crystal Gate Publishing
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