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The 21-Day Happiness Challenge, the fifth book in the 21-Day Challenge series!

Are you tired of that lurking sense of depression? Tired of waiting around for happiness to find you?
Are you ready to learn how to love your life? Ready to take action to become a happier person?

True happiness is an "inside job". Look at a happy person's life and you don't see any magic or unicorns. There's nothing in them that isn't also in you. Though external realities can certainly play a role, happiness doesn't spring from what you have, what happens to you, the situation you are in, where you are, or anything else. In fact, if it was easy to be happy, this book would be a very short one!

Happiness doesn't have much to do with money, with achievement or with possessions, because plenty of people have all three and are still not happy. In this guide, we'll approach happiness not as something you have, but something you actively do, each and every day.

The 21-Day Happiness Challenge will help you to:

* Understand and apply the key principles of living a happy life in an easy step-by-step way
* Love and accept yourself just the way you are now
* Let go of things, thoughts, behaviors and people that do not serve you anymore
* Realize that "huffy fluffy" concepts such as forgiveness, gratitude and mindfulness are actually extremely powerful
* Develop a daily routine that significantly boost your happiness
* ..and much more inside!

Learn how to love your life and become a happier person today!

Health, Mind & Body
August 15
Kemah Publishing
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Customer Reviews

PeterH__ ,


A great tool for us suffering with mild depression.

Carla_V ,

Happiness Challenge

Absolutely loved this little guide!!

Tim Karlson ,

great series!

I did this challenge along with the 21-Day Self-Love Challenge from the same series and, although I feel that the Self Love Challenge had a bigger impact on me, I valued the advise given in this book a lot. I never realized that it was a choice, not to be happy, but to do little things of which you know will lift your spirit. I also think that focussing on Happiness for 3 weeks straight has a significant impact on what you focus on an attract in your day-to-day life (Law of Attraction idea), I had 2 wonderful things happen to me in the last week of the Challenge that were beyond coincidence. Great series!

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