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A game bird must be treated like an athlete, much more like a true warrior. The impulse to fight and refuse to give up is such a thing of beauty that captivates the heart of millions of cockers all over the world. While a game bird is a natural born warrior, it is our job to turn it into a better warrior than it has been or capable of.

For now, you can take this valuable advice from us, and for what this particular book implies in general: find game birds that are deadly cutters in every way and then stick to as close as natural conditioning as possible, and yet as scientific as it can get at the same time.

Much has been said and done about the conditioning of game birds and stuff like that. And we can still do a lot to contribute and make this particular pastime, hobby, sport, or whatever you want to call it, as exciting, entertaining, competitive, and as productive as it has been and should be. Raising and conditioning game birds for competitions requires full-time commitment. It is a passion.

When we are committed, we naturally become so passionate about what we commit ourselves to. Our passion will serve as the key that opens the door to learning. In the long run, we would become masters of our craft.

We at Sabong Culture and Art would like to thank you for buying this book. It will encourage us to write more books on related topics. Happy cocking!

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June 3
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