21 Days to Bigger Shoulders

The Illustrated Guide to the Best Shoulder exercises and the ONLY Shoulder Workout You Need for Big, Broad Shoulders, Fast

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The Only Shoulder Workout You Will Ever Need

Weight training is a very thought out process that requires knowing which exercises are not only going to strengthen your muscles, but which ones will also add on to your muscle size. The same is true when it comes to working out your shoulders. 

You may think that by working out your arms, chest, and upper back your shoulders will automatically be affected. This just is not true. Not only do your genetics play a role in how big your muscles can actually get, but like any other part of your body specific workouts must be applied to the area.

Inside Grant Michael's shoulder workout guide, you will get 11 great exercises that are specifically for toning and building your shoulder muscle mass. You will never look back once you fully understand how your body is impacted by each and every exercise you perform.

How Will This Book Help You Increase Your Shoulder Muscle Mass?

Grant has put together an extremely detailed illustrated guide specialized in weight training for your shoulders. These 11 exercises will not only focus on the specific deltoid muscles located in the shoulders, but also on the areas surrounding them and the full body. This is to help you ensure that your overall physique is in sync. For example, muscles that will be targeted in this guide besides those located in the shoulder include:


Not only will you get an even workout, but you will learn how to increase your muscle size through safe and recommended methods. You will be taught how to master top-of-the-line weight training exercises that people at the top of their field perform.

Why Do You Need a Workout Focused on Your Shoulders?

Weight training is a very specific type of working out. The main goal is to obviously build weight onto your body, and when adding this weight you want it to be evenly distributed throughout your muscle mass. Often the shoulders will be overlooked because the trainer thinks that they will automatically be affected from the other exercises.

The shoulders are actually the most moveable joints in the body. This makes them very unstable if the muscles, ligaments, and tendons surrounding them are not strengthened. Since your shoulders are involved in the many daily movements that you make with your upper body, it is important to make sure that they have as much attention during your exercise as the rest of your body.

What You Should Take Away from This Book

When the shoulders are in top shape subsequently so are all areas that are attached to them instead of the other way around. Anyone who has ever suffered from a shoulder injury knows just how important this part of the arm and upper body is. However, with these exercises you will not end up with widely disproportionately shoulder muscles either. Instead you will use the weight training contained within to expand on the strength and size of your shoulders while simultaneously keeping them even with the rest of your body's size.

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January 30
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