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21 Tantra Yoga Kriyas For beginners - A simplified easy step by step complete beginner's practical guide to 21 Tantra Yoga Kriya, mindfulness meditation and chakra healing meditation techniques to unfold spiritual power, better health & inner peace within individuals. Through this book you discover how to meditate for stress, anger relief, heal chakras, Release repressed emotions, Develop will power and lot more. this book helps a wide range of seekers who want to achieve a better path in life through direct ancient wisdom and spiritual teachings of India.

This book is for modern people, beginners, right through to yoga meditation teachers, energy healers, light workers and alternative therapists. Book serves as a manual to guide for them in their path of self-transformation in daily lives.

This book will teach you exactly

How & why to Meditate?

How to Make your goal, intention, and objective clear what you want to achieve from meditation?

What Is Tantra Yoga Kriya?

Characteristics of Kriyas?

Difference Between Yoga Asanas & Tantra Yoga Kriyas?

Why Should We Do Kriyas?

Who Can Practice Kriyas?

Benefits Of Tantra Yoga Kriyas?

Understand How The Practice Of Tantra Yoga Kriyas Works?

What are benefits of tantra yoga kriyas for the body and mind?

How tantra yoga kriyas & healing works?

What are common obstacles to meditation and how you can overcome it?

How can you prepare yourself for meditation?

Learn and understand how can you to practice meditation in daily life?

How to Release repressed emotions & tensions from to allow prana to flow freely?

How to develop will power?

How to balance mind to create stillness, stability, and harmony between mind body actions?

How to open the Innocent mind to tap into childlike Innocence?

How to release tensions from facial muscles?

How to enhance the concentration, Memory and mental power of the mind?

What Is Prana (Breathe)?

What Is Ida and Pingala Nadi, Sushumna Nadi?

What are seven chakra and seven bodies?

Why should you understand and learn about chakra enery healing therapy?

How to find out which chakra in open or closed and how to heal chakras?

How to open the heart chakra and to connect with others by compassionate attitude, affection, unconditional Love.

How to practice simple common sitting Asanas? And much more.

Discover your answers inside the pages of this book.
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July 25
Shiva Girish
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