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If you travel by common carrier—air or rail or highway—you’ve probably noticed some changes since the turn of the century. Some relate to security, like the restrictions on carrying liquids, and they’ve been fairly obvious. But perhaps the bigger changes, more gradual and less obvious, relate to technology. Formerly, when en route, we were unreachable. Now, we must stay connected, for both text and voice, and soon, one expects, for video. The business traveler today is increasingly dependent on, and constrained by, technology. 

We stay in contact with clients, customers, suppliers, the home office, news sources, and, of course, family. We carry electronic devices, and we’re expected to be as reachable when traveling, as we are when in the office.

That’s part of what it means to be an “e-enabled business traveler.”  It also means that, while traveling, we can work effectively—maybe not as effectively as we can in the office, but effectively enough.

This book is for business travelers who want to avoid the hassles that plague all travelers, while staying productive on the move. Or, if we can’t avoid them completely, we at least make them a little more tolerable, a little less stressful. And maybe gain some of the rewards of travel.

The book over 200 active links to resources, resource searches, products and product searches. Some links go through the author’s Web site, ChacoCanyon.com, which automatically redirects you to the right place. This enables the author to update the links by updating the Web site, which helps to keep the book current, with links functioning, even if the owners of those other blogs and Web sites move things around.

And the whole book is structured as over 450 bite-sized tips that you can read in the small chunks of time that are so familiar to business travelers, on a phone or tablet or (when you can sit for a while) on your laptop. Read it in any order, in the departure lounge, in your seat, or even better, before your trip.

Travel & Adventure
August 31
Fajada Butte Press
Richard Brenner

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