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21st Century SME is a blog written by a professional small business adviser. 10 Quick Tips for SMEs in the Digital Age is an eBook which outlines the fundamentals of the 21st Century ethos.

Over the last 5 years working as an advisor to start-up businesses I’ve met with over 1,000 people to advise them about starting and running a small business. I’ve seen people from all sorts of life, with all sorts of skills and all sorts of reasons for becoming entrepreneurs. I’ve seen businesses start-up and flourish and I’ve seen them stutter and fade away. I’ve watched good business ideas fail to launch and I’ve seen some poor ones (in my opinion!) go on to success.

This first hand access to SME successes and failures has allowed me to develop my own theory on the correct way to run a winning small business strategy in the digital age. In the middle of 2012 I setup the 21st Century SME blog to share these ideas. Both before and during this period I also created and ran my own SMEs, which have been invaluable in allowing me to test out my theories of running successful small businesses. I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t, so that when I speak with people about starting up and running their small business, I can do so out of a position of practical experience rather than one of theoretical knowledge.

Over this same time I’ve further developed my love of digital marketing techniques. Techniques that I believe all SMEs need to start understanding and implementing, not in isolation but as part of their overall strategy,. To ensure their business is found by prospective customers, to ensure these prospects can be converted into paying customers and to ensure these customers will become repeat and referring customers. The integration of these digital and non-digital techniques are fundamental to my philosophy of what makes a 21st Century SME.

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April 3
Al Bryce
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