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Inspired by Technical Studies for the Cornet by Herbert L. Clarke. This extension and expansion of Clarke's motifs into multiple modes and transpositions provides modern trumpet players, both jazz and classical, with much needed material to prepare them for contemporary musical requirements. An invaluable addition to Clarke's classic book of exercises. Widely acclaimed by players such as Bobby Shew, Dave Douglas, Randy Brecker, Mike Metheny, Kenny Wheeler, Mario Guarneri, Bill Bing, Luis Gonzalez, Mireia Farres, John Aigi Hurn, Matthew Simon, etc. Includes numerous audio examples recorded by Chris Kase. ALL TEXT IN ENGLISH AND SPANISH.

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June 16
Balquhidder Music
Rob Roy McGregor

Customer Reviews

Jonny Gig ,

21st Century technique is a must for jazz trumpet students!

I highly recommend this well thought out book to all trumpet players, and especially jazz trumpeters. It assures facility and agility in all keys, major and minor, and the various modes, as well, which is a must in mastering your horn and becoming fluent and confident. I will recommend this to my students. Chris Kase knows his stuff!

William Bing ,

21st Century Technique

The iBook version of this now classic expansion of the Clarke Studies is wonderful. I studied with Claude Gordon, who studied with Herbert L Clarke. Claude would often have his students play variations of studies in the Arban, St. Jacome, and Clarke books. Therefore, Chris is following the tradtion of others before him by expanding exisiting studies and making them even more viable components of the trumpet players repretoire. Chris’ audio examples are an inspiration and bring to “life” his studies. These exercises will benefit both the classical and the jazz player. Balqhidder Music has hit yet another “home run”. Check out the entire series to complement your ever growing online versions of the Balquhidder publications.

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