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The term "fundamental" as it relates to the golf swing has held great interest to me since I began teaching at age 25. Not one in a thousand golfers can name three fundamentals to top ball striking. Briefly, a golf fundamental is an action, movement, or a position that all top players employ in their golf swings. When we show you a fundamental in this vivid Ibook presentation, we show you a picture of what it looks like by a PGA or LPGA tour player. Then we provide an explanation, plus we give you a proven drill for this fundamental.

I described method teaching in the 8 Step Swing book by comparing it to new diets that appear frequently making huge promises for losing weight. Some work, but even if the person does not lose weight, they don't gain weight. Method teaching in golf is similar in that they come and go like diet fads. However the difference is massive! The difference jumping on a golf method is you could get worse! There are three outcomes to method, not two. A detailed method that works for one player can ruin another. What doesn't change and will work for all players are the 23 fundamentals!

- Jim McLean

Sports & Outdoors
March 20
Jim McLean & Joe Compitello
JIm McLean Enterprises, Inc.

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rsummers43 ,

Great Compilation!

I’ve read just about every book there is on golf and I must say Jim McLean knows what’s up. For a "weekend warrior” such as myself, his insight is spot on. Anyone who wants to get better needs to get this book. The videos are a great addition and I can’t wait to try out these tips this weekend. Thanks Jim!

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