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Are there any signs that your twin flame runner stopped running? Can you feel it?

Yes, you can feel it when the runner Twin Flame stops running because your energetic vibration also changes.

Remember that when you are chasing a Twin Flame, you feel your energy in chaos. And when you run from a Twin Flame you feel irritated, stressed, and repulsed that it is very difficult to find inner peace.

When the runner finally, accepts that whether he or she blocks the Twin Flame partner, it will not change the intensity of the connection because the Twin Flame encounter is an alchemical transformation. There is no going back to your old life and every day after that comes with different sets of changes and transformation processes.

It takes a runner Twin Flame a while to understand the nature of the Twin Flame dynamic. He or she gets to a point of exhaustion because there is nowhere to run — you are constantly haunted by thoughts of your divine partner. You dream of them and your heart is always radiating love to your Twin Flame whether you like it or not.

Wherever the runner Twin Flame ends up, he or she starts retracing their steps backward — going through series of Awakening and realizations.
When you are running from a Twin Flame, you don’t analyze the situation because you are consumed with excessive fears. Sometimes you have no idea why every time your Twin Flame contacts you and expresses themselves, you keep running and blocking him or her.
The chaser gets exhausted from chasing as much as the runner gets exhausted from running.
It takes a series of painful lessons to understand that you are each other’s home. There is no place or anyone that can shield you from unconditional love.
When the runner stops running, you can tell from his or her behavior
Even though you surrender, you still feel your Twin Flame within you — they live in the back of your mind because you cannot help it. You feel oneness. Therefore, you are always in sync with each other — you also indirectly know about each other’s well-being through different means even though it means stalking each other’s social media. It is very difficult to control the compulsions to feel a closeness to a Twin Flame because you already feel soul intimacy.

Therefore, your runner Twin Flame can resort to stalking your social media, your friends, or frequently check in with you because he or she realizes that they have lost so much time running from you.

When you do not react to your runner’s return, he or she panics because they assume that the chaser is forgetting about them.

When the runner Twin Flame starts panicking, they increase the rate at which they stalk you so that they can have your attention.

Shifts in your energetic vibration

When you understand the new energetic vibration once you meet a Twin Flame, you acknowledge that you operate as a single energetic unit. This is the reason why you can easily sense what your Twin Flame is experiencing energetically. Your telepathic abilities are amplified; you feel each other’s energy as if you are physical.

When the runner Twin Flame starts healing themselves, you initially feel turbulence in your energetic vibration. This is the reason why some Twin Flames get surprised when you go through another accelerated mild night of the soul. This is because you channel each other’s energy whether you are having a great time or not.

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June 6
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Nakajubi Kawalya

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