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Worry: Give way to anxiety or unease; allow one’s mind to dwell on difficulty or troubles

Worrying is for the weak. 

Worry is the habit of fearful people who seek something to stress about. Worry is misused energy that creates exactly what it focuses on. 

Focus on fear, stress, anxiety and unwanted outcomes, you get it. 

Worry is a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

The worrier thinks something bad might happen. He focuses on the possibility thus creating stress. The stress manifests itself physically. The worrier has trouble breathing, can’t eat, can barely fall asleep (or has a hard time waking up), and makes poor eating choices. 

All of this momentum - negative energy works the same way positive energy works - begets a result. The exact thing the worrier stressed about, happens. 

You would think these results would convince a worrisome person to never do this again, right? 


This bad outcome only confirms to the worrier that his worries are based in reality. I worried about it, and it happened! Now I better worry about the next bad thing that might happen! 

Worrying is a hereditary trait that parents pass down to their kids - unless the kids realize what’s happening and break the cycle. Worrying is an infectious energy, just like joy, excitement, and anticipation, that spreads to everyone around the carrier. 

Worrying literally kills people. The deceased usually dies from the exact thing he or she was worrying about. More accurately, then, the deceased commits suicide from worry. 


This book exists to rid you of this debilitating, weak, helpless, life-robbing habit - FOREVER. 

I know what it feels like to worry. There have been times I’ve worried about how I would pay rent, or continue my career, or finish an impossibly large project on schedule. This energy did nothing to help me. What I did do in those cases, was catch myself thinking about the wrong things. I changed my thinking and literally controlled outcomes by steering them with my thinking, combined with my action. 

[Note: Action is the kryptonite of worry.]

This book will take you through 25 reasons to quit worrying. Not to pause worrying, or go on a worrying vacation. This is spit-in-the-boss’-face, trash your office, no-need-for-a-work-reference, burn-the-boats quitting. You will never have a need to worry again. 

And upon seeing the results of your alternatives, you’ll never even consider worrying again.

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September 5
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Dre Baldwin

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