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Picking up where The Preparation ended, the collapse begins to unfold in this second book of the 299 Days series. In The Collapse, the government stops working, guns and ammo are in high demand, and a trip to the gas station has become a mission rather than an errand. Grant and the Team see these warning signs and know it is only the beginning, so they begin taking action to protect themselves and their loved ones. As they prepare to get out of dodge after a deadly incident in Grant's neighborhood, they will soon learn whether the preparations they made in Book One will be enough to survive the breakdown of society, or if they don't stand a chance against greed and violence in the face of a collapse. The resulting chaos and fear that begins to envelop the country will strip all of the characters of what they know to normal, and will require them to question what they will stand for, what they will stand up against, and, most importantly, who they will stand with.

Fiction & Literature
January 22
Prepper Press
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Gabe Russell ,

299 Days Book 2

This book put a smile on my face, but I found it agitating at times. Mention of the crime of “brandishing” may lead an uninformed reader to assume such laws exist where they live. The states I have lived in do not have such a law on the books, and open carry is permitted. As for the plot, the entire problem lies with the fact that the main character chooses not to communicate with his wife. Rolling over like a wimp and avoiding conflict for years nearly led to fatal tragedy. Overall I enjoyed the book, but I suppose I see a great separation between people where I was raised and people in the book

BIGD1981 ,

299 days

All of the 299 days books are awesome I just wished iBooks would get the rest of them

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