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R.M. Ballantyne

Harry Collingwood

Frank Barrett

John Conroy Hutcheson

G. A. Henty.

Merle Johnson

Carey Rockwell

Richard Le Gallienne

Andrew North

Francis Rolt-Wheeler

Howard Pyle

W. Clark Russell

William Hope Hodgson

John C. Hutcheson

Max Pemberton

Daniel Defoe

Captain Frederick Marryat

W.H.G. Kingston

Murray Leinster

Colonel John Biddulph

Rafael Sabatini

Robert Louis Stevenson

Randall Parrish

Peter B. Kyne

Charles Ellms

The Pirate City By R.M. Ballantyne

A Pirate Of The Caribbees By Harry Collingwood

A Set Of Rogues By Frank Barrett

Afloat At Last By John Conroy Hutcheson

Among Malay Pirates By G. A. Henty.

Howard Pyle's Book Of Pirates  By  Merle Johnson

On The Trail Of The Space Pirates By Carey Rockwell

Pieces Of Eight By Richard Le Gallienne

Plague Ship By Andrew North

Round The World With The Boy Journalists By Francis Rolt-Wheeler

Stolen Treasure By Howard Pyle

The Cruise Of The Nonsuch Buccaneer By Harry Collingwood

The Frozen Pirate. By W. Clark Russell

The Ghost Pirates By William Hope Hodgson

The Ghost Ship By John C. Hutcheson

The Iron Pirate By Max Pemberton

The Life Adventures And Piracies Of The Famous Captain Singleton By  Daniel Defoe

The Madman And The Pirate By R.M. Ballantyne

The Penang Pirate By John Conroy Hutcheson

The Pirate By Captain Frederick Marryat

The Pirate Island By Harry Collingwood

The Pirate Of The Mediterranean By W.H.G. Kingston

The Pirate Slaver By Harry Collingwood

The Pirates Of Ersatz By  Murray Leinster

The Pirates Of Malabar And An Englishwoman In India Two Hundred Years Ago By  Colonel John Biddulph

The Rover's Secret By Harry Collingwood

The Sea-Hawk  By Rafael Sabatini

Treasure Island By  Robert Louis Stevenson

Wolves Of The Sea By  Randall Parrish

Captain Scraggs Or The Green-Pea Pirates By Peter B. Kyne

The Pirates Own Book By Charles Ellms

Young Adult
August 17
Pirate press
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