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An idea, based on a simple question: -
Who decides what actions or behaviour is good or evil? Religion, society, governments, culture, the media, or personal circumstances. Is your judgement based on whose side you are on?
A thrilling crime noir fiction novel, with strong characters and a complex plot, for the intelligent reader, but not the faint hearted.
Nature versus nurture…to the death.

Glossary for American Readers - JB Watlington author is keen for American readers to enjoy being immersed in British quirkiness in its undiluted form, moving seamlessly from sidewalk to pavement without tripping over our transatlantic language differences. Therefore, there will be a glossary of relevant words at the beginning for you to giggle at, before getting into the story.

Please note - This novel includes sex, drug use, gambling, vulgar language, and inferences to child abuse. Many fictional characters were harmed in the creation of this book.

Raised in a middle-class, quintessentially English countryside village, Archie Bow-Carla has never been normal, which is both his blessing and curse. His worst enemy…boredom.

The need to satisfy his adrenaline addiction, turns the smart shoplifting kid, into a cunning man, ripping off the worst of London’s monstrous underworld.
Tread carefully if you dare to peek behind the thin veil, separating polite society from Archie’s daunting world.

Follow the illusive charmer, as he fights his inner battle between nurture and nature, whilst balancing on the precarious tightrope between good and evil. You’ll be dragged into emotional chaos…but Archie won’t.

How many enemies must he make, whilst getting his next fix, on his path to uncover the cause of his nature.
So many battles, just one war. To win, what must he lose?

Part 1
Archie is no normal boy. At 6 years old, he has an exclusive doctor, a psychiatrist, private audience with a vicar and experiences the world very differently to his brother Sam.

He and best friend Tim, meet two new acquaintances, then a baby girl and a local criminal outfit. Is anything coincidental?

As the story unfolds, tension increases and confrontation looms. It seems Archie barely scratched the surface of the underworld labyrinth. His quest for answers points him towards London.

Part 2
The boys, now young men, pursue their respective careers in London. Archie operates a growing fish and chip shop business, as a cover. His real exploit is that of ripping off criminals, both to feed his adrenaline addiction and to uncover those at the top of the chain.

He must make some unpalatable alliances with criminals and spies.
Friend Marcus, now a cop, can deflect attention away from Archie’s activities, in exchange for drug bust victories, worth more career points than Archie’s head on a platter.

A face from his past reappears, followed by someone new. Suddenly Archie’s way of life dramatically changes. Is he willing to accommodate change or push it away? Is there a choice?

Part 3
The culmination of his past relationships, affiliations and infringements collide in 2017.

Archie has retreated to safe haven in Oxfordshire, to figure whose side politicians, spies, cops, soldiers and criminals are on.

Will he unmask those who meddled with his very existence.

The biggest challenge of all, his DNA. How will he know who to trust, of the people he cannot read…his own flesh and blood?

What sacrifices must he make, to win? Is it worth it?

Mysteries & Thrillers
April 20
JB Watlington
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