4Four Big Ideas for the Future 4Four Big Ideas for the Future

4Four Big Ideas for the Future

Understanding Our Innovative Selves

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Publisher Description

THE FUTURE IS JUST GETTING STARTED ...and it’s not slowing down.

Someday, and sooner than you think, you may...

- Feel left behind because you didn’t get the genetic enhancements others got that made them more athletic and attractive… - 

- Wonder whether to buy your kids the latest "headware" that allows them to “think better” and raise their math test scores (after all, other parents are doing it…) - 

- Try to wrap your mind around the fact that your child is taking a robot to the prom. He got the idea from you, when you decided to get an android office assistant rather than hire a human being… - 

And those are just a few of the speed bumps we can expect as we race down the technological turnpike.

What to do? Relax, and enjoy this new read by Jason Ohler. Hop on board the “technology-roller-coaster-without-brakes” and tour the future in terms of living and learning, and balancing our two worlds we now live in: real life and the immersive reality on the other end of our smart devices.

Clear, brilliant and packed with humor and insight, 4Four Big Ideas lays out sensible pathways for considering new perspectives about our digital lifestyles. It tells stories of the future that are rooted in the past, and imbued with the wisdom gleaned from the author’s 35 years of innovation.

Above all, this is a book for everyone. It entertains, inspires and informs, and reacquaints us with the human side of the digital revolution.

The Future is just getting started. We can help it move forward by telling stories with intelligence and humanity that are worthy of our imaginations. Read 4Four Big Ideas and find out how.

Professional & Technical
June 24
Brinton Books
Jason Ohler

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