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The Fast Diet is a proven way to lose weight easily.

Also known as "Intermittent Fasting," the revolutionary Fast Diet allows you to lose weight by eating reduced-calorie meals just two days out of the week. On a fast diet, you can eat the foods that you want five days out of the week, and follow an easy fasting regime for two days, and you'll lose weight quicker than ever before. The Fast Diet is as simple as that!

The 5 2 Fast Diet for Beginners is a comprehensive resource for beginning a successful fast diet, with:

• 10 easy tips for starting a successful Fast Diet

• Step-by-step Fast Diet meal plans for every day of the week

• Simple, healthy recipes for your fasting days, including Curried Chicken
Wraps and Penne Pasta with Vegetables

• Satisfying and delicious Fast Diet recipes for your non-fasting days, like
Mustard Maple-Glazed Salmon and Chicken Breast with Summer Veggies

• Detailed guide on how to use the Fast Diet to reach your long-term
weight loss goals

With The 5 2 Fast Diet for Beginners you'll begin to see results right away, with easy weight loss and increased energy.

May 8
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Customer Reviews

cm_stamm ,

Maybe an option for the New Year

Despite my initial skepticism, I really liked The 5:2 Fast Diet for Beginners. Its premise makes sense to me – that fasting occasionally helps you to reset your internal clock. I was surprised that you could eat your normal calorie intake on the non-fasting days and that the fasting days themselves give you 500 calories. I’m making a grocery list because the recipes look great and I’ve recently been struggling with lower calorie recipe ideas – I’m in kind of a rut, truth be told. Since it’s the height of the crazy holiday season, I won’t be starting the 5:2 schedule before New Year’s, but this plan could be just the ticket come January 1!

MDF13 ,

Interesting idea for weight loss.

This book suggests a new approach to weight loss: 2 days of fasting (very restricted calories) out of every 7 days. It applies some of the principles of low-carb dieting, but in a way that is easier to do (especially if all-out low carb is a struggle for you.) It guides you through how to do 2 fast days in a month, and gives a lot of recipes for fasting days and non-fasting days.

Matthew Porto ,

The 5:2 Fast Diet Review

For me, 5 : 2 Fast Diet for Beginners made me uneasy from the start. Fasting for religious purposes is one thing, but fasting in order to diet and lose weight is problematic. In the introduction the authors explain the advantages of fasting by explaining changes in hormones that will bring about weight loss. But other diets have been successful that involved no fasting. I would, however, that the recipes looked delicious and well balanced.

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