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'5 Fun, Free & Fascinating Sights in Santa Barbara' is part of the 5-Spot ebook travel series, neither your typical series nor your typical guide. Like other 5-Spot books, the Santa Barbara guide provides an intimate and often humorous perspective on five great sights, including Arroyo Burro Beach County Park, Alice Keck Park Memorial Gardens, Santa Barbara County Courthouse, Santa Barbara waterfront and Cold Spring Trail. You can use the guide to enhance your stay in Santa Barbara, or if you already live there, use it to become better acquainted with the city. The guide is available in a variety of ebook formats, which means you can read it on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. When you’re ready to go, the book is ready to go with you.'5 Fun, Free & Fascinating Sights in Santa Barbara' gives you a close-up and personal look at sights not only interesting, but also fun to visit. And like the other 5-Spot books, this book includes a link to the 5-Spot web page, where you can connect to a YouTube video that shows photographs of each of the five destinations. The book also includes links to additional information about each sight as well as to a Google map that shows the sight’s location.'5 Fun, Free & Fascinating Sights in Santa Barbara,' as with all the books in the 5-Spot ebook travel series, is dedicated to the frugal, miserly, penny-pinching tourist in all of us. Each book in the series describes five fun and fascinating sights that are, of course, free to visit. And in today’s economy, free is not a bad way to go.

Travel & Adventure
September 28
R. H. Sheldon
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