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There are animals, magic and mystery in these contemporary tales for children, 8-11 years old, to perform. The scripts have a running time of about 30 min, with flexible casting of 18-25, & opportunities for doubling or expanding. Please note that although these scripts are in one place, they are not royalty-free; information to get permission to produce these plays is at the end of the book. This collection includes:
1. At the Zoo
The animals are the focus here as the humans move around them. Pesky the Penguin has escaped his enclosure again and the Zookeepers are trying to find him. The flamingoes, monkeys and tigers try to help him as they also protect themselves from children who tease them and others who throw food on the ground. They also pose for those who are kind. Between the people and the animals, it’s a fun time. Running time: about 35 min. Cast: 1 female, 22 either, doubling possible.
2. Boxes
When groups of children must go outside by order of their parents, they’re not sure what to do when there’s not TV, video games, or books. But when each group stumbles upon some boxes, the imaginations soar. Includes 2 songs. Running Time: about 30 min. Cast: 18 male, 18 female, doubling possible.
3. Christmas Magic: Among the Elves; Among the Children
The Elves are getting it all together before Santa heads out but things don’t seem to be together at all. It’s up to the Supervisor Elf to get everyelf and everything organized. It’s hectic! The children are siblings and cousins, all together for a special overnight stay with the grandparents on December 24, but it’s difficult to sleep. And there’s that one grumpy cousin who’s too old for Santa. Includes 3 songs. Running Time: about 40 min. Cast: 5 male, 8 female, 19 either, doubling possible.
4. The Dropped Note
In this mystery featuring the siblings Daisy and Doodle Duncan, the Host leads the audience along as she gives details that they need. The Host also allows the audience to make some of the choices for Daisy and Doodle. The cast has to be well-rehearsed and ready to take the paths the audience chooses. Running Time: about 30 min. Cast: 1 male, 3 female, 1 either.
5. It’s Elementary
This mini-musical has a missing class pet and a lot of would-be detectives in the class. They have to questions suspects, look for clues, and chase the thief. With characters such as Nanette Draw, Shirley Combs and Tracey Richards and songs such as I Have an Alibi and The Chase, both the cast and the audience will enjoy themselves. Includes 4 songs. Running Time: about 30 min. Cast: 3 male, 8 female, 8 either, doubling possible.

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February 6
Marian Scadden
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