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These five folk tales feature clever animals and genii outwitting the not-so-clever. The scripts are designed for children 8-11 years old to perform. The scripts have a running time of 30-40 min, with flexible casting of 20-32, & opportunities for doubling or expanding. Please note that although these scripts are in one place, they are not royalty-free; information to get permission to produce these plays is at the end of the book. This collection includes:

1. The Annual Conference of the Genii in Regard to the Peculiar World of Humans
Based on several stories from the Arabian Nights, the Genii have come to tell the stories of some of the humans they’ve met. As they tell the stories, they also become characters in their own stories. Running time: about 30 min. Cast: 5 male, 5 female, 16 either, doubling possible.
2. The Bremen Town Musicians
This classic tale from Germany is about four animals who have grown old and would soon be put to death so they ran away from their farms. They meet and decide to become musicians in Bremen Town. On their way there, they run into a group of thieves hiding in the forest. Includes 4 songs. Running Time: about 35 min. Cast: 22 either, doubling possible.
3. But Why
A child keeps asking the one-word question, “Why?” The parent answers as best they can. But in hopes of not being flooded by whys, the parent tells the child two African tales: Why Do Sun and Moon Live in the Sky and Why Are Fire and Rain Enemies. Running Time: about 35 min. Cast: 4 male, 1 female, 25 either, doubling possible.
4. Just So, It Happened
Based on Rudyard Kipling's “How the Elephant Got His Trunk” and “How the Camel Got His Hump”, this play has a delightful cast of animals. The curious young elephants are disturbing everyone in the forest with their non-stop questions. But when they ask a crocodile a question, changes happen. The camel is being lazy and all the other animals must work harder because of it. Can the Djinn affect a change? Includes 4 songs. Running Time: about 35 min. Cast: 2 male, 2 female, 28 either, doubling possible.
5. The Tiger, the Brahmin, and the Jackal
The tiger is trapped in a cage and begs a passing Brahmin to release him and promises not to eat the Brahmin. The Brahmin kindly releases the tiger who wants to eat him. The Brahmin thinks this isn’t fair but it takes a jackal’s wisdom to solve the problem. Includes 5 songs. Running Time: about 30 min. Cast: 20 either, doubling possible.

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Marian Scadden
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