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Become a more informed martial arts enthusiast, teacher or student by discovering what really lies behind the legends of the world's different fighting systems. Comprehensively researched, carefully organized, and packed with fascinating details about the history, development and culture of martial arts, 50 Martial Arts Myths reveals the truth about martial arts and the stories they've generated.

Discover where black belts come from and what they really mean!
Learn why girls often make the best martial artists.
Understand why soft martial arts can pack the hardest punches.
You'll learn why practicing martial arts can actually reduce aggression
the amazing truth behind top secret "dim mak" techniques

50 Martial Arts Myths is essential for anyone interested in martial arts-- whether experienced martial artist or a new student -- who wants to understand the real story behind the world's martial arts styles.

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June 14
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weetbix ,

50 Martial Arts Myths

I applaud author's attempt to address many of the misconceptions about martial arts. However, missing the spelling of JuJutsu (it's not jujitsu) is an important mistake since JuDo is the name created by Jigoro Kano by replacing Jutsu (Art or Techniques) with Do (Japanese word for Tao or Dao, the Way from Taoism/Daoism). This change is to signify the development of the self as a primary goal of the martial artist. It was followed in large art by KenJutsu to KenDo, AikiJutsu to AikiDo and so on. It was disappointing to see the author who had otherwise done such extensive research miss the spelling, granted it can be a bit confusing given the earlier improper spelling of JuJutsu which to this day is still written incorrectly by several systems such as Brazilian Jujitsu.

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