50 Meaningful Lessons on Unf*cking Your Life Love Health Wealth and Career

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Refreshing, honest and easily relatable. A no bullsh*t approach to life in times of worry, stress and high anxiety. You are not alone!

"...heartfelt life lessons and wisdom from 50 years of adventure, heartbreak, healing, and gratitude. It felt cozy, like someone who cares a lot..."

Lorin Mc. 30 - Strategic Consultant - USA.

Life has been a roller-coaster-ride of ups and downs, yet I have always had access to great mentors, spiritual guides and teachers from around the world. These people have taught and shown me how to deepen my understanding of the 'human experience' and how to ‘smooth out’ the journey.

This book is a brain dump of many meaningful lessons, wholehearted information and lost knowledge that I know you can benefit from greatly. You can improve your quality of life; little by little, step by step.

One of the greatest crimes facing our existence is the withholding of information and knowledge by some, from many. It is my mission to share these lessons, the information that has been given to me and the knowledge that has been withheld.

My wish is that the words within this book will inspire you to explore the human experience deeper and find a happier, healthier, wealthier and more complete life experience.

Tim McMahon - You are not alone!

“…A book to return to over and over again, with some great analogies, much wisdom, positivity and flashes of humor. There’s much to learn from here!...”

Rowena B. Teacher and Author - UK.

“…Refreshing, straight forward and open minded - like an inspiring conversation with a longtime friend…”

Bonnie C. Author, Speaker and Advocate - USA.

“…I really felt the book spoke to me. I'm now feeling hopeful and reassured that I'm definitely not alone on my way to a better and a happier version of me…”

Marisa M. Designer and Art Director - Spain

“…This is my new go to book for when I need some motivation, when life seems to be throwing only curve balls! Tim is living proof things do get better…”

Sharlene P. Psychologist – UK

“…Think of this book as an ‘Ideas Buffet’, one from which you can dip into anytime for new idea and insights…”

James M.R. Writer – UK

“… Tim’s book gives us an honest look at who we are, how we got that way, and how we can come to what we ought to be…”

Jacy C.C. Actor, Producer and Writer - USA

Health, Mind & Body
March 11
Tim McMahon
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