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“There is so much good research and writing on high performing teams now… but few CEOs have the time to access it. So good to have this short, accessible and practical collection of tips on how to transform your team, by Catherine and Jacqueline, two very experienced team coaches who have both thoroughly researched all the best literature and found ways of applying it to teams across different sectors… I certainly will be using a number of these tips to improve the boards I chair and the teams I lead. I hope you too find they aid you on your journey.” - Peter Hawkins, Author of Leadership Team Coaching (Kogan Page, 2011) Professor of Leadership Henley Business School “While many leaders and coaches are well intentioned, they are frequently disappointed with their outcomes when trying to create high performing teams. 50 Tips for Terrific Teams has brilliantly integrated the research… and translated it into practical suggestions that will absolutely help create the desired shifts. This guide is user friendly and is the closest thing to having your own personal sage. I would recommend this book as an essential tool for anyone who leads a team or works with or on a team.” - Denise Still, MSW, RSW, PCC, CEC, Manager Organization Development Calgary Board of Education “I love it when someone comes up with a book that is concise, clear, incredibly useful, and easy to work with. We all live and work with other people, and we all need to get better at it. Here is a collection of great ideas that you can put to use almost any day in just about any organization. It is a great resource for anyone working with teams, and every leader and team member should have one on their desk. You can pick an idea to try this week, try another tip the week after, and keep harvesting new insights for months to come.” - Dr. Ric Durrant, CEC, PCC, Leadership Specialist and Executive Coach

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August 28
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