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Lose weight while still ramping up your daily dose of vital vitamins, necessary nutrients, and amazingly-powerful antioxidants. All in this awesome title, "Top 50 Green Smoothie Recipes." Planned and written comprehensively from the best-selling author of, "How I Lost 100 Pounds!" by Emma Green!

So, you want to lose weight, detoxify your body, or just make sure you add in the essential nutrients needed by the body in terms of vitally-important vitamins and minerals? Awesome! Yes, drinking green smoothies is, by far, the tastiest way to boost your health and functioning. With 50 wonderful, mouth-watering recipes, Top 50 Green Smoothie Recipes makes it quick and easy to naturally get your fill of essential fiber and nutrition. Loaded with altogether yummy fruits and awesome, great-tasting vegetables. All you need are the amazing recipes found within.
This fundamental title contains:
"50 Mouth-Watering Recipes for making perfect, delicious-tasting, green-inspired smoothies, with the best recipes that are balanced and geared toward weight loss and detox.
"Tips and Tricks to aid your planning and your knowledge base in understanding the fundamentals.
"Helpful Facts about the importance of alkalinity within the body and its important processes.

The Top 50 Green Smoothie Recipes Book includes these great recipes: Punching Berry Swiss, Grapey Groper, Cashew-Chia Cooler, Creamy Coconut Pineapple, Chia Freedom, Sunflower Spinach, Persimmon-Mint Magic, Yummy Chai, Luxury Lucuma, Peachy Combo, Sweet Mango Dreamer, and many, many more!
With great nutrition and easy-to follow instructions, this title will keep you entertained and feeling great too. If you want to lose weight and feel energized, this is definitely the book for you! Get your amazing copy today! You deserve it. See you inside!

Health, Mind & Body
January 29
Emma Green
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Irma Muro ,

She lists the oz or grams for greens

It' hard to find a great book that is specific and accurate when it comes to a recipies consisting the weight of greens. I've had trouble before with making salads or smoothies because when they list a cup or four cups. I can fit so much if I chop it and it makes me uneasy if I am using the right amount. I like that Emma's book lists the ounces or grams needed for any greens because it gives me the peace of mind that I am adding the correct amount. I have two of her books in my library so far and will look at her other books in the near future.

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