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Showcasing 50 great Australian business success stories, with fascinating insights into Australian business and entrepreneurship.

Highlighting 50 highly successful business founders, owners and CEOs, who have fought adversity to create and build their businesses, whether it's a small family business or large ASX-listed corporation.

By sharing their business insights, philosophies, advice and strategies for success with the next generation of business owners, these business heroes are applauded in this book for helping build a better Australia.

Share in the experiences of these Australian business leaders, as they offer their insights and life-stories:

Jeremy Biggs: "Be passionate about what you do. People have unbelievable potential to do amazing things, if you just believe in yourself to get there, you will get there."

Carsten Brandt: "Be prepared to fail, failure is a stepping stone on making things better, improving things."

Jim Craddock: "You've got to find something you enjoy. If you can find something you love, stick with it and you will get what you need to achieve."

Prof. Ian Brighthope: "Success is, to me, a process; it's not an end point. If you feel that you're doing something good, and you're growing and developing, that's success."

Diane Dromgold: "Mountain climbers don't go from peak to peak, they come down and go up another one."

Richard Furnari: "I walked into the hospital in early September, and I walked out 10 weeks later wearing the same clothes, but I walked out with my son."

Robert Hadded: "Be clear and focussed on what you want to achieve, and have some financial measures to show you are on the right track to achieving what it is you want to achieve."

Katherine Hawes: "How a business makes its money is more important than how much it actually makes... look after the planet and the people in the workplace."

Dominique Lyone: "What gets you over the line is sheer determination. Do it, do it again, do it again... failure is just an element of the success."

Bill Malouf: "Know what your strengths are, realise what your weaknesses are, and run your life based on honesty, credibility and product knowledge."

Tim McCracken: "You need a strong belief and vision, and then be passionate in the pursuit of that vision."

Brenda Miley: "Most of the great business people have had a dream and followed it."

Rick Mitry: "Never let your fears get in the way of your dreams, but only go for it after you've planned and studied it and you've decided you're going to focus on that till you succeed and never give up."

Martin Morris: "Not how, but why you want to do it... the why will help you figure out the how. Whatever you do, do it to serve some greater purpose than your back pocket."

Gary Poechhacker: "People need to recognise depression the same as cancer or a heart attack or an illness your body might suffer."

Debra Sinclair: "Be really dedicated to what you're doing. It is hard work, but the reward is definitely there."

Brian Walker: "Have a manageable self-belief, to be able to understand what's ahead... have good support and mentors, and have a good sense of optimism."

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November 20
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