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59 Rules for Bosses to Live by and Keep Your Sanity!!! Is a simple dos and don’ts of a management career. It is compiled from the author’s 40 year experience in management for which he had to learn through trial and error. This book is a great and useful read for anyone looking to get into management or already in management. It’s not only a guide, but it can be used as a reference to look at whenever a problem arises.

About the Author

Rand S. Clark was born in December 1955 and grew up in the South with two full-time parents. From early on, Rand knew he was not the same as his peers making excellent grades and having a natural leadership and athletic qualities. After an unsatisfying year of college playing football for Auburn University, Rand took a summer time job at a local Alabama surface coal mine. There he found his calling. He fell in love with mining and never went back to Auburn. After two years of night school for mining, and some innovative thinking, Rand became the youngest surface mine foreman at the age of 22.

After rising through the ranks of management at three different coal companies and sharpening his skills, Rand started his own coal mining company. In 1990, for five successful years, he took his company from himself and a few employees to over 50 employees and a multi-million dollar company.

Rand’s success and innovative mining and management techniques led to other coal company owners hiring him to run their companies. Almost every one of these companies was on the verge of shutting down until Rand brought his methods to make these companies successful again. To this day his techniques and management expertise have been passed on by former employees who have risen up in the management ranks thanks to Rand’s mentoring. After 39 years of experience, Rand is semi-retired. He wrote this guide to help others in management navigate the challenges that come with the territory. READ IT AND LEARN FROM IT!

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November 3
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