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Love, sex, and lots - and I mean lots - of men.

This six-book collection of steamy stories takes pain and pleasure to a whole new level. The rich, dominating alpha males spank, bind, and take innocent young women in all-too-public places. Being outnumbered has never been more enticing.

Here, you will find:

Outdoor Menage 1: Airplane

Flight Attendant-in-training, Alicia Manning just wants to have a little fun with a sexy hunk she picked up at a bar.

Her first mistake was taking the fun onto a private jet.

Her second was underestimating her date, who lost no time in tying her up in a swing and leaving her to hang, literally.

When the owners of the airplane appear, she quickly claims to be special in-flight entertainment. A third mistake that will cause her to be spanked and filled by the strong alpha males who are used to entertainment of a certain kind... 

Outdoor Menage 2: Prison

When Kimberly is hired to entertain rich businessmen in a foreign country, the last thing she expected to happen is to be accused of espionage.

Now she must do whatever it takes to get herself out of trouble and go back home.

And whatever it takes includes surrendering to arrogant, powerful men who have a liking for paddles, spanking, clamps, and leather bondage.

Outdoor Menage 3: Theater

Wannabe film star Theresa Lewis knows that a successful career in acting is rough. However, her new gig takes rough to a whole new level.

She is going to be bound, gagged, spanked, slapped, and filled as the audience watches. Will she remember her lines as she is stripped bare and taken, or will she be lost to the pleasure completely?

Outdoor Menage 4: Boat

Cassandra makes a living selling boats to rich billionaires, so when an eccentric buyer invites her for a private party on a new boat, she doesn' think twice.

What she doesn't know is the bondage, spanking and outdoor humiliation that awaits her.

Her initial reluctance is quickly overwhelmed by acute desire as Cassandra is left squirming in her bondage on the deck of the boat. Pain is mixed with pleasure as she is spanked, filled, and publically humiliated in the rich man's toy.

Outdoor Menage 5: Train Station

Stubborn to a fault, Lilac Jane is not a well-liked school teacher. When her car tires are punctured, she finds herself having to take the train instead.

There, she meets a foreigner who pushes all her buttons and awakens perverse desires inside her. His husky voice and expert hands sends hot flavors of desire through her and she is made mincemeat of her will within moments of being in his dominating presence.

Soon, she finds herself surrendering to the sexy stranger and many others, doing things she has only dreamed about in the moving train.

Outdoor Menage 6: Hotel Lobby

Part-time hotel receptionist Jennifer Banks has lusted over Nikolas Vallas since she first checked him into the VIP suite a little over a year ago.

The mysterious billionaire always comes with an assemble of well-dressed bodyguards dutifully warding off unwanted advances and a new young woman clinging to his arm. Jennifer keeps a safe distance from the man with eyes like the abyss, certain that once she falls into his hypnotic gaze, she will be gone forever.

There's only one problem.

There's nothing keeping him from her.

Take a peek inside to find out what pleasures await..

Fiction & Literature
November 5
Daisy Rose
Draft2Digital, LLC

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