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Looking to increase the distance of your drives, improve the accuracy of your golf shots, lower your handicap or simply to better enjoy the game you love?  You’ve heard (correctly) that fitter golfers generally play better but you don’t know what exercises to do or in what order?

6 Weeks To Golf Fitness provides a series of step-by-step home exercise programs that will help improve every aspect of your golf game.  Indeed, these fitness routines were designed specifically for golfers and feature carefully selected exercises that will strengthen the muscles most solicited in golf.  The exercise routines can easily be performed in a home or a gym setting and require the use of very few and inexpensive equipments.

Indeed, while many of the golf fitness exercises require no equipment at all some use a combination of the following:

- Swiss ball (stability ball)
- Dumbbells
- Stretch bands (or resistance tubes)

Gain access to the following - beautifully illustrated - golf fitness routines:

- Warm-up
- Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced Strength and Stability Circuits (depending on your current fitness level)
- Stretching
- Pre-Round Warm-up
- Bonus: Self Myofascial Release (SMR) exercises

Begin your fitness program with confidence knowing that the material provided was assembled by a Strength & Conditioning Specialist, the result of thorough research into the sports science literature.  The exercises themselves are all beautifully illustrated, showing you quickly and clearly how to perform the various steps of the programs.

Don’t wait any longer.  Start your own golf fitness program today and see full results in as little as 6 weeks.  Your golf game will thank you!

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January 29
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Customer Reviews

WernerG1 ,

Essential exercises, simple, logical

Having done similar programs with personal trainers I can confirm this plan contains essential exercises in a simple logical presentation. It is the script, now you need to become your own director to guide yourself through the program. Its worth it!
When I (60+) did such a program with a trainer I gained ~30 yards on my drives, they were more consistent and at the same time seemed more effortless .....

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