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Few men experience combat.

And of those, fewer will survive it.

But Hank Snow experienced combat in three wars and did it an astounding 666 times.

666 The Devil's Number is the biography of a USAF pilot who experienced three very different wars and returned home to tell about.

Readers will learn the life of a man who began life as a child of the great Depression, flew the legendary P-51 Mustang fighter over Japanese occupied Burma, the F-86 Sabre against Russian-flown MiGs and two separate tours in Vietnam against the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army.

666 The Devil's Number takes full advantage of the iPad by telling Hank's story in a highly graphical format.   Readers see the actual military documents, unpublished combat photography and original artwork of Aviation artist, John Mollison. 

Also, fresh multimedia links are included to access never-before seen film gun camera and historical footage.

666 The Devil's Number is written in a lively style, presenting fresh information for history buffs along with insight and commentary to bring the History Newbie up to speed quickly.

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January 15
John Mollison
John Mollison

Customer Reviews

Calvinbirdie ,

You'll find something to like

Whether your interest is American history, aviation, 20th-century warfare, or just a good life story with a happy ending, you'll find something to like in 666, The Devil's Number. It's the story (in great detail, at times a little too great) of a Greatest Generation man who played a part in American conflicts from WWII to Vietnam. No national hero or celebrity vet, Hank Snow was like many others in that his accomplishments were unsung, yet wholly remarkable when viewed in context and in detail. 666 serves up the context and detail generously. It's a Vegas buffet of information: Hand art from rough sketch to fully finished. Diagrams, charts and graphs. Historical photos, candid snaps, gun camera frames. As well as lots and lots of old documents, diplomas, certificates, news clippings. Prefer words? There are lots and lots of those, too. About the words: Aside from an over-fondness for gratuitous hyphenation and the occasional pronoun fail, it is well written in a breezy, casual style. Despite its few shortcomings, 666 is an amiable read that keeps you swiping screens to the end. Enjoy.

dmcleer ,

Incredible story. Incredible book.

This is a beautiful piece of work, and an incredible story. 666 takes you into the story of one man who went far beyond the call of duty over the course of 3 wars. Hank Snow is the embodiment of the American Hero. The layout and imagery in the book along with links to videos of Colonel Snow's aerial gun footage is fabulous, creating an experience that's part book and part History Channel style documentary. Highly recommended.

Shackguy46 ,

666 great!!

This book is powerful! Should be a movie. I enjoyed every second of reading it. I would highly recommend it to others to read!! Provides an accurate account from a World War Two veteran airman. Who also served many more missions in Korea and Vietnam.

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