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Ashley and Dakota are best friends who desired to head out of town to the large state university. Both girls’ families’ available budget it seemed to make it look like they would have to stay at home and attend the local small college. That was ok with Ashley but Dakota really wanted to get out of her dysfunctional home and start living. While the two girls were best friends they were very different. Ashley was shy and reserved. Her conservative upbringing had kept her separated from the other girls in high school and only Dakota seemed to see past her frumpy looks and simple ways. Dakota was out going and blunt. She too was on the fringe of the popular girls in the school and drew close to Ashley, seeing her as a project for her to mould and shape.
The girls were ready to give up as their small budget covered tuition costs but was far too small to cover the residence hall costs. A chance posting on a housing bulletin board in the campus administration caught their eye and after a few quick emails with the land lord they went to check out a home with rooms to rent. The home was that of Mr. Randy Johnson, a semi-retired widower who had decided to open his house to a few students. He did not financially need to rent the rooms and made the decision to open them up to girls of need. Ashley and Dakota definitely met the requirements.

Fiction & Literature
April 12
John Smith
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