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How Do You Communicate More Effectively!

* Do you have a hard time communicating your ideas and getting your message across?

* Do you wish to handle difficult people and situation better and quickly resolve conflicts?

* Do you find yourself not taken seriously and getting the respect you deserve from friends, families, coworkers, and boss?

* Do you want to be a better influencer and have more persuasion power as an authority figure?

* Do you want to get along better with people and have them like you to get more fun and joy out of life?

More often than not, people don't pay much attention to communication because they feel that it is something that they can do easily. It does not mean that just because you know how to talk, you already know how to be a good communicator.

You need communication in school, work and even in relationships on a day-to-day basis. It is important to know the proper ways to communicate effectively!

Within This Book...

Are the essential skills you need that will help you become enticing and influential to each person you meet. Through the speech and gesture exercises that you have to do, you will become someone that people would look up to and want to be. You will be a truly effective speaker that people will want to get close to.

Imagine all the possibilities when you are exceptionally great at communicating with the people around you...

That's what "The 7 Effective Communication Skills" will do for you and much more!

Business & Personal Finance
November 19
Gabriel Angelo
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Customer Reviews

JapaneseSakura27 ,

Effective Book for Busy People

There’s a lot of people out there, struggling to communicate effectively, especially when it comes to speaking in front of large crowds. Communication skills are often underdeveloped and ignored in modern society and I believe dependence on electronics further feeds this occurring problem. This book, “The 7 Effective Communication Skills” is filled with practical advice on how to be able to improve these vital skills.
I would often feel frustrated and angry when my communication skills are not what I want them to be. In a career where I have to give public speeches and network often, having effective communication skills is a necessity and something I cannot avoid. This book has helped me in the most unreachable ways as compared to other books I have read and tried to apply in the past. This book has taught me how to listen better, relax, to be persuasive, influential and how to understand better ways to improve my overall communication skills. You are given a lot of tips on how to communicate in different environments whether it may be at home, at public speaking events, as well as on the job. Learning how to be charismatic and knowing how to communicate with people who are difficult where two communications skills I had the most trouble with and received the best advice from this book. Learning how to read body language, is important because it prepares you on setting the tone for the conversation. This book has tips that are easy to understand and apply to life, and is enough for anyone to become an effective communicator in a short period of time.

Jesse Handley ,

Well-written booklet communicates its point clearly

The author writes that there are three steps to communicating: thought process, delivery process, and receiveing process. Each of these is covered in depth with specific ways to improve each area with practice. I think this is the kind of book that is useful for everyone. It isn’t just for people who want to talk to large groups or be in the public eye, or be a good salesman. The skills in each of these areas are common sense and help us all to communicate effectively. Presentation is everything and right from skill 1 the author lays out ways to be a better speaker: speak clearly, speak slowly, be observant, know which words to use, give compliments. Of course, you shouldn’t be insincere because anyone can see that a mile away. Practicing how to speak well will allow you express your genuine feelings and convey that you really care about the person with whom you are speaking. Who knew that listening is a science? The author presents the case that there are different ways to listen and we should use them all to maximize the effect. Skills 6 and 7 finish up this essay with staying positive and avoiding negative influences that would crimp your style and make you stumble. It is well-written booklet that would help everyone if they practiced the 7 skills mentioned.

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