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What --- Are the 7 Lessons?

In every circumstance, especially during difficult team situations, the Right-Minded Teammate uses these mindful lessons to move them into the right-minded way of thinking and behaving.

Here are the seven lessons.

1.I am not upset about this difficult team situation for the reason I think.

2.I accept and own my part in this situation.

3.It’s impossible my thoughts about this situation are neutral.

4.I forgive others and myself.

5.I will transform the effects of this difficult team situation.

6.I adjust my thinking and behavior.

7.I am determined to see every difficult team situation as a learning opportunity.

These lessons are, essentially, an application course in mindfulness teammate self-training.

Mindfulness is your conscious “thinking” ability to monitor your thoughts in the present while calmly acknowledging and accepting yours and other’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

The Right-Minded Teamwork Choice Model teaches that mindfulness is “your desire, willingness and ability to change your attitude and behavior in order to effectively respond to difficult team situations.”

The terms mindfulness and thinking, in these seven lessons, are virtually synonymous.
Where --- Did They Come From?

These lessons evolved from two sources.

A Course in Miracles and Right-Minded Choice.
A Course in Miracles is a psychological approach to spirituality where forgiveness is the central theme and inner peace is the result. Ken Wapnick created this wonderful description.

Right-Minded Choice, a component of Right-Minded Teamwork, is a mindfulness teaching aid that shows how Right-Minded Teammates consciously use their desire and willingness to change their mind and behavior to effectively respond to difficult team situations.
Right-Minded Teamwork is a business and psychological [mindful] approach to team building where acceptance, forgiveness and adjustment are teammate characteristics, and customer satisfaction is the team’s result.

Where --- Does “Thinking” fit in Right-Minded Teamwork?

Right-Minded Teamwork is comprised of 5 Elements: 2 Goals and 3 Methods.

Right-Minded Thinking, the mindful process teammates and leaders use to ensure your team achieves Right-Minded Teamwork, is used in all 5 elements.
1.Business Goal - understanding and achieving 100% customer satisfaction
2.Psychological Goal - creating and living teammates values
3.Work Agreements - covenants that improve processes and behaviors
4.Teams That Work Operating System - method to organize procedures
5.Right-Minded Teammates - developing mindful and high performing teammates

For more about the 5 Elements of Right-Minded Teamwork, go to RightMindedTeamwork.com.

In this book, 7 Lessons to Build Right-Minded Teamwork Thinking, you will be instructed how to use these seven mindful lessons by showing you how to think and behave differently with a constantly complaining teammate. Once you understand how that application works, you will be prepared to apply the lessons in all situations and circumstances.

Apply these lessons anytime especially when you experience disagreements and conflicts.

Use these lessons and you will transform any circumstance or event into a wonderful learning opportunity. Do this and you will transform your team from a prison to a joyous classroom.

That’s why you want to use these lessons. They are your ticket to get out of jail. Leave prison today.

Dan Hogan

Business & Personal Finance
June 25
Dan Hogan
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