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Seven Powers of Creating shows the process of creating anything from art to innovation, business to personal. It takes you from your picture of what you want to create to the reality of it being alive and thriving. Seven Powers of Creating emerged from Cinequest’s Picture The Possibilities, a transformative movement that empowers youth and leaders to create a better world for all of us. 

Seven Powers of Creating:

PICTURE—the inner vision of what you want to create.
POSITION—what makes what you create special and unique.
PLAN—organizing the action needed to bring the picture into reality.
PASSION—the fuel the drives the engine of creating.
PARTNERS—who you choose to create with can lift you upward.
PERSISTENCE—the commitment to stay with something until it’s real.
PEACE—finding inner confidence, calm, and well-being right now.

Proceeds go to Cinequest Picture the Possibilities.

February 7
Halfdan Hussey
Halfdan Hussey

Customer Reviews

big-red67 ,

Effective Motivator

I was really impressed with the book because I received significantly more value from it than I had ever expected. It broke down the complexity of any large task into 7 simple steps, all of which are thoroughly explained, then followed up with anecdotes to show the applicability. I think my favorite part was that is didn't aim to "help" me, but rather motivate me by showing how simple it is to tackle a large task by focusing on one aspect at a time.

mnarayanan ,


This book was very inspiring. It shows how anyone at any age could work to create something that is meaningful and important to them.

Meps ,

Creation Is A Powerful Thing

I consider myself a thinker, an inventor, and a tinkerer—someone who is always striving to make things better. This book, “7 Powers Of Creating” reinforces the thought process involved with creation. From being able to clear your mind and relax so that ideas rush forward, to implementing the ideas and staying grounded throughout the process. “7 Powers Of Creating” is an excellent read for anyone new to the creation process, or seasoned creatives who are in need of a jolt to energize their inner drive.

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