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7 types of Queens, Kings Desire is a compare and contrast of ancient queens with ladies of today. This book is a vital tool for queens to read before she decides to commit to a man. The same goes with our kings. It's important for a woman to know who she is and what she wants before she commits to any long term relationship, such as marriage." Not since NY Times best-selling book and film of fame of Steve Harvey's Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man has there been an interpersonal relationship/self-help book such as 7 Types of

Queens, Kings Desire. Combining historical models, psychological theory, and spiritual underpinnings, King Kevin Dorival makes a substantive case for why every man desires a specific set of traits in the women who make up their world. This book is a roadmap to empower both women and men. 

The magic in our relationship occurs when our faith, energy, and spirits are in agreement. All the cells within our body lights up and sparkles like polished diamonds in the sky while infusing us with the power to create and manifest our life dreams. This interpersonal relationship book was written to give you power while blessing you with NEW POSITIVE ENERGY, KNOWLEDGE, and the CONFIDENCE to match. His next book will be his third published work, which is the follow up to this masterpiece: 7 Types of Kings, Queens Desire will be released 2019. 

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July 17
Sky View Creative Circle
Kevin Dorival
Grades 16-17

Customer Reviews

Lejubon ,


This book is absolutely MAGNIFICENT!!!! I am a single childless black man and I grew up in a strong loving black household. My parents have been married for 4 decades. I love women but I refuse to live my life without a black woman. Black women are truly regal and majestic! Wow! I can't wait to have my own black family.

King Kevin Doroval did a sublime job with this book! Woooooo!!!


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