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The 72 Vibrations work is rooted in Melody's accumulation of Kabbalistic wisdom, Reiki Master-Teacher Certifications, belief in universal spiritual consciousness and consistent reaching out to be in synch with divine God based energy. 72 Vibrations provides a pathway for teaching your energetic system to recognize and perceive the sensation of the energy field surrounding all living beings. Included is an overview of the human energy field and the chakra system. Kabbalah teaches many lessons in the form of stories. The most famous one is when Moses parted the Red Sea. How did he do it? He used 72 God Names as tools. In this book, Melody teaches the reader how to use this ancient code in the form of an audible vibration. The sounds yield healing energies for soul healing, self-evolution and can also be transmitted to others.

Kabbalah was once a study coveted by many but allowed access to only a few. It wasn’t until 1981 that Rav. Phillip Berg began his life’s mission to bring Kabbalah to the public.  One of the former “secrets” is that the Hebrew letters are actually the tools that God used to bring about creation. There is a different energy in each letter. God used them to create our world and everything in it, in much the same way that you would open your tool box in the garage and use the tools inside to build anything that you desire. Thus in the forming of each word, each letter’s individual meaning brings it’s energy into each word as it manifests into a physical third dimensional reality.

The 72 Vibrations are rooted in the Kabbalistic decoding of the Biblical verses in Exodus 14:19-21. Exactly how Moses used the code to part the Red Sea we don’t know. The words in the three verses combined with his steadfast belief that a miracle would occur together created the outcome of the movement of physical space (water).  The creating of audible sounds from the 72 Names of God is what are referred to as The 72 Vibrations. They made manifest a well noted miracle once, probably the most famous miracle of humankind. Now several ways to energetically vibrate and resonate with them are becoming public knowledge through this book. The 72 Vibrations are now within your reach to add into your toolbox. The 72 Vibrations book will take the reader through a process of self reflection that allows them to become open to perceiving energy. Once an understanding has been presented, the book teaches the reader some very simple ways to audibly sound (vibrate) and utilize the miraculous letter combinations to give and receive healing.

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April 10
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