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The first step to becoming a better nature photographer is to understand light.

Discover the 8 types of natural light and learn techniques you can use to increase the quality and dramatic effect of your images.

BACKLIGHT – make flowers glow, make dramatic silhouettes

SIDELIGHT – emphasize texture and shape

FRONT LIGHT – great for sunset shots

REFLECTED LIGHT – make peaceful water reflections

DIFFUSED LIGHT – great for close-ups

DRAMATIC LIGHT – there’s nothing like a storm to create a dramatic image

TWILIGHT – beautiful blues and pinks in the sky

NIGHT – great for capturing city lights

Learn techniques you can use to increase the quality and dramatic effect of your images simply by understanding how light works.

Turn your snapshots into fine art.

Arts & Entertainment
January 10
Anne McKinnell
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Mirizinha ,

Great material!

I'm so much more in love with light after reading this book! Captivated me in a simple way to explain such a complicated issue.

Grace through Faith ,

Start Here

This book covers the most important element to photography, which is light. I learned some of this the hard way. I wish that I read this book years ago. I have missed so many great opportunities by not understanding natural light. Everyone interested in photography want amazing images, which can only be accomplished with proper lighting.

The Gootch ,

An ok read

Over all for a free book there was some ok information. It will not be very helpful if you have the slightest idea about photography, I would just pay for a composition book that would cover these topics but give you f/stops and shutter speeds to try and recreate images of your own.

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