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Why Should You Read This Book?

Which Elegant Themes tutorials will make you a Divi Expert? These curated 89 Best Divi WordPress Theme Tutorials will make you a Divi Expert. They are divided into 22 web design categories with information on:

•Topic – the main topic
•Code – whether any CSS, HTML & other code is included
•File – whether a downloadable file is included
•Video – whether there is a video to walk you through the steps
•Author – who is the author (included in the Excel download via website)
•Year – year published (included in the Excel download via website)

What is Divi?

Divi is one of the top WordPress website page builders. It is made by Elegant Themes. It is a front-end design framework that lets you design and customize all aspects of your website.

How Did I Become an Expert?

I was a Divi novice over a year ago, and now I can call myself close to an Expert because I have gone through over 250 Elegant Themes tutorials and curated them for you. I have tested them all and used many in my web design projects.

These 89 Best Divi Tutorials are:

•relatively easy to implement

Who Is This Book For?

This book is for all types of Divi users, regardless of the level of Divi experience. Although geared more toward the beginner and intermediate users, it also has innovative concepts for the advanced and expert Divi web designers.

How to Use This Book

The 89 tutorials are divided into 22 web design categories. You can jump through to the section of the book that you need and are interested in. Treat this book as a reference to guide you through different Divi web design challenges or to spark new ideas.

Computers & Internet
November 2
AkaAki Design
Agnieszka Stepinska

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