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Welcome to Ninety Degrees, the first interactive book on the topic of knolling. As a matter of fact, it’s the first time anyone has made a book on the topic. Ever since the launch of the iPad in 2010, I have been fascinated by the publishing potential of the device. Things got even more interesting when Apple released iBooks Author and it’s what drove me to create this experiment. This book, or more accurately, “experience”, will give you a look into the beauty and functionality of knolling. It is a visual compositional tool that can be used by graphic designers, photographers, cinematographers and others for a distinct and timeless aesthetic. Knolling can also be used as a mapping tool that brings order to the complex world we live in, making it a method of visual organizational for anyone.

Enjoy the book and always be knolling.

Arts & Entertainment
February 28
Andrew Kim
Kyungryul Kim

Customer Reviews

Haobepa ,

God bless


Marshall Steeves ,

Superb Description of a Present, but Unknown Subject

I found this book incredibly intriguing. I am fond of good design, so when I came upon this book, it seemed to fit directly into my interest zone. I had little knowledge of what Knolling was prior to this book, however, I know much now as Andrew Kim did a substantial job of providing accurate and helpful words, pictures, as well as video to better illustrate exactly what Knolling is. This was a fantastic read. I genuinely enjoyed the plethora of high resolution pictures that directly applied to the subject at hand. I hope to see more from this aspiring author in the near future (specifically design-based) as I will most definitely read all of his publications.

Ange K. ,

Great interactive guide

What Andrew Kim has done here is take a simple design principal and not only show us how to apply it to our own lives but how it developed through the years. Kim's first effort in the iBooks platform is nothing short of great. It has the same great design language that is found on his blog and matches the topic splendidly. In the process of reading this I found myself subconsciously knoling the books on my coffee table, that in itself is a testament to the ability if Kim to successfully convey his message to his readers.

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