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MOSSAD special agent David Abramov rushes to New York to take over a team tracking jihadis planning a massive attack on America. He is ordered to monitor, report, but not take any action. His nemesis is Mustafa, a hardened veteran of Afghanistan and Bosnia, for whom death is a familiar companion. Wary of the order not to act, even in self-defense, David’s instincts kick in when Israel’s Prime Minister overrules MOSSAD policy, demanding that his whole team work completely unarmed. David is no fool. He sees that he is being set up as a sacrificial lamb - an offering to open Janus’ gates to endless war. After his team is wiped out in a lightning raid, David makes a dash for survival – his own... and the world’s. Can this modern-day David defeat the Goliath of globalist conspiracy? Can one man still change history?

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“A first-rate thriller, full of action and suspense... A powerful and gripping book... hard to put down. It will leave even the most skeptical reader puzzled about what really happened on 911... A must-read book for anyone looking for intelligent dialogue and hardcore realism about the forces at play when the issues at stake are a matter of life or death.”

Ambassador James Bissett, Canada

“A neat story. A great yarn to keep you guessing right till the end”

Arnold Friedman, Editor

“Among the many stories and essays about what really happened on 911, Stan Gasparovski’s book stands out in the crowd... It is, all at the same time, a compelling thriller, an essay on imperial policy, a scientific analysis of a purported false-flag attack, and a serious meditation on the so-called conflict of civilizations. The subtlety of its sometimes paradoxical plot draws a natural comparison with Stephen Gaghan’s film, Syriana...”

The Editors, Xenia Publishing, Switzerland

“Amazing! ... very readable.”

Alice Mahon, British MP

"911 - The Towers of Janus" is a unique novel so closely resembling an insider's account of the 911 terror attacks that it leaves readers wondering if it's fiction... or not. The fast-paced action, suspense and shock surprises make it the kind of thriller that's impossible to put down till the very last page.

Mysteries & Thrillers
September 29
Stan Gasparovski
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