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Stephanie Harrington absolutely hates being confined inside her family's compound on the pioneer planet of Sphinx, a frontier wilderness world populated by dangerous native animals that could easily tear a human to bits and pieces. Yet Stephanie is a young woman determined to make discoveries—and the biggest discovery of all awaits her: an intelligent alien species.

Treecats are creatures that resemble a cross between a bobcat and a lemur (but with six legs and much more deadly claws). Not only are they fully sentient, they are also telepathic, and able to bond with certain gifted humans such as the genetically-enhanced Stephanie. But Stephanie's find, and her first-of-its-kind bond with a treecat, brings on a new torrent of danger. An assortment of highly placed enemies with galactic-sized wealth at stake is determined to make sure that the planet of Sphinx remains entirely in human hands—even if this means the extermination of another thinking species.

The first entry in a new teen series and the origin saga for the incredibly popular, multiple New York Times and USA Today bestselling Honor Harrington adult science fiction adventures. Young Stephanie Harrington is none other than the founder of a pioneering family dynasty that is destined to lead the fight for humanity's freedom in a dangerous galaxy.

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Lexile Score: 1140

Young Adult
January 30
Baen Books
Baen Publishing Enterprises

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I have read Warrior cats by Erin Hunter and I love cats so treecats? I love,I so love this book!

Visa decline ,

Seriously over thinking

A predictable tale, unfortunately, as the young Stephanie Harrington encounters another threat to her beloved tree cats.

As a novel, this might have been a better short story for all the excess verbiage. Each character...thinks too much, reflecting on an event and working it to death figuring if this, then that...then you actually had plot progression. In essence, a simple enough tale which is interrupted by the characters' inner monologues with themselves, considering events.

Should I shoot this gun or not is a question that the young protagonist goes through...seemingly for pages and pages. Or the antagonist...reflecting on his faked ID and how he rationalizes how it won't get found out...seriously! We don't need three pages of 'how to fake an ID' storyline.

Boring stretches, brief action, final boring finish. Not his best.

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