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Book 2

Knock, knock...Bang, Bang, Bang

"Urgh! Who is banging on my door this early on a Saturday morning?" Renee mutters while making herself coffee in her small apartment kitchen. She looks up at the time on the microwave's clock "After almost no sleep last night-this is the last thing that I need at 7:00 am." She complains. The coffee cup slams onto the kitchen granite countertop, and Renee charges toward the front door. She whips the door open.

"Melaine? Wha...Why...." Before Renee can manage a sentence, Melaine walks directly in without waiting to be invited in. 

"So this is where you spend your nights, and weekends. Hmmm...Quaint!" Melaine comments. Renee stares at the woman confused, and somewhat worried. "Melaine, why...". Renee begins, but Melaine interrupts.

"Renee, I know you're wondering why I'm here." Melaine begins in a softened tone. "Colin told me everything that he did to you yesterday. He really does feel awful, and I am sorry too."

Renee's eyes widen. She knows? He told her! Melaine keeps talking. "He doesn't want you to leave the firm...he knows you've worked hard, and deserve every chance you get." Melaine continues. Renee is slightly agitated by the comment. Still, she appreciates all Melaine's done for her. She's discerned that her boss genuinely took her under her wing, to mentor, and grow her creative gift, but her boss' boss, and founder of the company - Colin Winston - had been cruel to her. As far as she is concerned, he is a predator.

Book 3

"Renee! Honey, what are you doing here?" Pilar, Renee's mother comes out her home, excited, and surprised to see her daughter siting in her car, in the driveway. "I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. You hadn't said that you were coming down to visit this weekend?" Renee remains sitting still in the driver's seat of the car. She is numb.

"Renee...Renee honey, what's wrong?" He mother asks. Renee had actually been sitting in the driveway for about twenty minutes before her mother realized she was there. "Renee!" Pilar hollers, now standing by the driver's door, looking into the window. Renee awakes from her somewhat comatose state.

"Ma, what are you doing?" Renee asks looking at her mother strangely. "Why are you just sitting in the car? Why don't you come in?" Pilar asks her daughter who is acting strangely. Renee rolls her eyes.

"I'm coming Ma. Can you back up a bit?" Renee asks, giggling at her hovering mother. Pilar looks down, and around her, and then steps back. Renee exits the car. She wraps her arms around her mother, and embraces her firmly. Renee's mother returns an equally tight embrace.

Fiction & Literature
November 3
Hattie Black
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