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So much can change in a single day, a few hours, or even an instant.

The Evans' are facing a crisis. With Carson Armstrong fighting for her life after being tortured in a dank cellar, and Andrew’s team trapped in the desert after her failed rescue mission, they feel the weight of the world fall upon their shoulders. They are desperate to help the team escape Mexico before they are captured, but those few miles seem like a lifetime away when they are being hunted by dangerous men. In the midst of planning their rescue, Hayden is called away to fly into the unknown… The point of no return. His mysterious orders place him face-to-face with the infamous El Padrino with no way of knowing if he is flying into a trap..

Then a single phone call changes everything and turns the tide of events in the most dramatic way possible.

Janka Esparza is a beautiful, Mexican-born, happily married mother of two living the American Dream when tragedy strikes. She never expects her perfect life to fall apart in her mid-thirties, but it does. She is knocked down by a debilitating illness, abandoned by family and friends, and has lost all hope – until she meets Cherisse Nicholson. With the help of A Better Place, she tries to fight her despair and start anew. However, in the process, she learns things about her husband that she never thought possible… Horrible things.

As soon as Janka stumbles upon incriminating evidence that her husband is involved in a child-smuggling ring run by one of Mexico’s most powerful cartels, she turns to Cherisse for help. The timing could not be better, and what follows turns Janka from a broken woman into a hero. Despite her pain, she pulls off the ultimate coup when she faces off against her crooked husband and rescues stranded Americans trapped over the border, proving that Janka might be down, but she is not out... She will never be out.

November 4
Collette Scott
Smashwords, Inc.

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