A Boy's Story A Man's Memory

Surviving the Holocaust 1933-1945

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Publisher Description

In this stirring and remarkable true account, Oskar Knoblauch (born in 1925 in Leipzig, Germany) reflects on his childhood and youth while growing up in his native Germany. Thrust into the dark years of Nazi Germany's hatred and brutality of Jews, Oskar writes of his family's struggle to survive the Holocaust of World War II (1933-1945). Character rich, emotionally gripping, and historically relevant, Oskar tells the chilling and poignant details of those years. During this time, as Oskar moves from boyhood to manhood, he never loses hope and faith not only in himself, but in the unlikely people who would make the ultimate difference in this "life or death" time of his life!

Praise for.... A Boy's Story A Man's Memory

“Oskar’s compelling story of survival, respect, and freedom is one that teaches young and old that the freedoms we have are to be treasured and respected. Oskar’s life story is one that reminds all of us that our life here on Earth is very precious. The invaluable message that my students and myself have all taken away from his horrific experience as documented in his book is that courage, tolerance, respect, and love will make us better human beings, and will teach us the life lesson that we should never take anything or anyone for granted.”

Debbie Cluff Language Arts Teacher at Hillcrest Middle School

“A Boy’s Story—A Man’s Memory gives a different perspective on the horrors of Nazi Germany and the Holocaust. I find his story of survival, resilience, and resourcefulness amazing!”

Michael D. Weltsch PhD Adult Education

“I just finished your book. It was amazingly inspiring.” Salli McCartin

Social Studies Teacher, Montessori School

“Some things in life defy words! I never cease to be amazed at the courage involved on the part of survivors and those who helped them. I think with your story, the thing that struck me is how at any moment your future could have changed so drastically. Your life was so literally in the hands of others and your careful actions and decisions were so important. How perilous life was! Thank you for sharing those moments on paper.”

Amy Drake Social Studies Teacher, Santan Junior High

“I had the privilege of speaking with Mr. Knoblauch prior to ever reading his book. In arranging to have Oskar speak to my 8th grade students, he explained to me how it has become a particular goal of his to “share his experience with our youth in order to preserve our future.” Profound words, indeed. The moment his book, A Boy’s Story—A Man’s Memory landed in my hands, I was compelled to savor each word. Even more profound words, however, are found in Oskar’s story of hope and

humanity in the face of the absolute evil and cruelty exhibited and so viciously enacted in the Holocaust. Oskar’s message woven throughout his book—one of beauty in the face of terror; hope in the face of loss; humanity in the face of depravity—is one that every single reader of any age can learn from and cherish. Oskar—thank you for sharing your story with me, and also with my students. Yours is a story none of us will ever forget.”

Lindsay Taylor 8th Grade English Teacher, Summit Academy

“We all finished your WONDERFUL book. You did super!” Carol Walker

Educational Enrichment Award recipient for Excellence in Education

July 10
Paul Noble
Paul Noble
Grades 6-17

Customer Reviews

jmtcjj ,

Exceptional. A must read for everyone

First and most important this is a must read.
We as readers often forget what pleasures we have in the world today, however, as I read through this journey, I learn that back then, the pleasures came from simply surviving another day. Books and movies along this line share with us what things were like back then. But, stop and think, this story or should I say journal is the written life of someone that actually lived it and survived it. I have been very proud to share this book with all my love ones young and old. I certainly hope that we as humans never forget this horror so that we never repeat it.
Thank you very much Oskar for sharing this memory with us.

ericcosh ,

A Boy's Story: A Man's Memory

This is a must read for anyone who really wants to know what happened during the Holocaust as it was implanted into a young boys memory through his adolescent years. Everyone who actually went through the Holocaust has a person story that only they can tell. Each experience is different when viewed through their eyes. You can read thousands of accounts of what these survivors experienced on not only a day to day moment, but even minute to minute and second to second.

Try to put yourself in Oskar's shoes and as you read his account, try to imagine what you would have done in a similar situation. The real test is "How would you behave after it was over". That's the real test.

RMBennett72 ,

Unapologetically truthful

I loved the way the book was written and even started with the disclaimer that the author intended to convey how he felt at the time the events were happening. Considering the situations he was forced to face those feelings were not always warm. The story feels as though you are being told it by the author sitting in his living room recalling the challenges of his youth.

I would like to thank him for telling this to us. I personally think the time is approaching all to fast when first hand accounts like this will no longer be available to us and we should listen and learn to those who survived it.

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