A Break from the Everyday

100 Activities, Adventures and Acts of Kindness for Folks of All Ages

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Publisher Description

A Break from the Everyday will hopefully become your go-to resource when boredom strikes.

The concept of this book is admittedly simple, but with today’s technology overload and epidemic of loneliness, it could not be any more timely. We need to awaken our senses and reignite our relationships with friends and family.

Agreed! But where do we start? Sometimes all it takes is some creative prodding (that’s where I come in), and a little effort and a willingness to get out there and try something new (that’s where you come in). 

Oftentimes, it’s not just the activity we remember, but the people we are with and the feelings we have while doing it: Moments of personal connection; the joy of learning something new; facing a fear; exploring the unknown; self-discovery; really seeing the world around us for the first time. 

A Break from the Everyday will hopefully become your go-to resource when boredom strikes. The activities in this book are not meant to compete with those once-in-a-lifetime adventures, like climbing Mount Everest or beach combing in Bali. Many of these activities can be done without much preparation, time or expense—activities you can do today, not years down the road. Many can be done close to home, while some may require a car ride or plane ticket. These adventures will stretch your skills, test your nerve and may even take you out of your comfort zone. You may have a life-changing experience or just a few laughs, and either way, that’s okay. The beauty of this journey, as with life itself, is not knowing the outcome.

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    January 7
    Kelley Albert