A Bullet For God

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Peter Johnson had only one wish; he wished to be a teacher again. There was one problem though, he was a beggar, and it seems to be one big impossible dream. On the other side of town, the wealthy Atkinson family had problems of their own; problems no money could solve.
Both Peter and the Atkinson family saw their redemption in a miracle event that was coming to town. Their paths crossed when a heavy thunderstorm interrupted people’s effort to get tickets for this event. When the beggar offered Kathy to queue for them in exchange for a ticket, she eagerly accepted his offer. As fate would have it, the Pastor who was to preside over the event was seriously injured in a car accident on his way there. As thousands of people started to leave in disappointment, the beggar became saddened at the commitment of their faith. Still dressed in his pitiable cloths, he took to the stage and challenged their devotion to God.
“You are so concerned in your own personal healing that you would not care if this whole world rots around you.” he shouted at them. Being the professional teacher, he once was, he delivered a most powerful speech from the podium. Kathy Atkinson instinctively knew that there was a reason why her path had to cross with that of the beggar. She was not going to stop until she had found the reason for that.
Bruce Ashton, a highly acclaimed television producer who was to cover the event, became enthralled by the intellect of the beggar. Just like Kathy Atkinson, he wanted to discover the man behind the beggar. Sadly, his bosses were not interested with his plans and was told; ‘God does not sell, violence and sex is what’s bringing in the money.”
However, Bruce Ashton could see a miracle unfolding in front of his own eyes - a dream coming true for this beggar. Risking his future as a producer while counting only on the wisdom of the beggar, he persuaded him to take part in a TV program.
Peter, a victim of a corrupt society, knew this could be his last and only chance to a normal life again, and cautiously accepted the offer. Together they started what was to become a very controversial crusade. The hobo’s life was never going to be the same again; nor the lives of those who would get involved with his. This book is forthright, fast-paced, controversial, yet very, very inspirational

Fiction & Literature
March 7
Eben Le Roux
Draft2Digital, LLC

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